Thursday, 21 September 2017

Running Our Government!

I believe that the LABOUR PARTY will run our government because their promise is to give us more homes for the homeless people and poor people.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

The Next finder!

We are learning to  understand the meaning and the text. Today we read our first chapter book that was called the next finder. It is pretty easy even though the book is for year sevens and eights.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

My First Pet Dog 6 Years Ago

Six years ago I had always wanted a pet, any kind of pet it didn't matter to me. I just wanted it to be cute and soft to hug. I told my mum about having one but she said no!

Luckily my auntie had round about a three month old male puppy. She didn't like it so she wanted to sell it, but no one wanted it so she said "I guess I have to take you to the animal control Chucky". That was his name and it suited him. After I heard her say that I was begging her to buy it but she said "No!" too just like my mum. I ran into my room angry. She felt sorry for me and soon after that she decided to surprise me by giving me a chance to take care of Chucky. I didn't realize that until later.

Moments later I fell asleep my 13 year old brothers ran in my room and told me to close my eyes. I was thinking that I was going to get a growling from my mum. My brothers told me to open my eyes and it was right there the golden brown puppy. I was so surprised I didn't know what to. My mum gave me the puppy to hold she said "I will only buy food for you to feed it but you also have to let it out for it's business and give it water and bath it".

I told my mum that I could do it. My brothers said that they would if I only because it was cute. first I bathed it and always gave it water and food every night time. Then let it out for a run out the backyard. all back inside and let it sleep with me so I can keep warm and it can keep warm.

When I go to sleep I get cold because my mum thinks the dog stinks so she calls it to get off my bed. Or sometimes it walks of to sleep on the bed. sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night call it back on. When I wake up I clean my bed while it's outside.

My dog is outrageous and I love it.
To My Dog Chucky

Facts You Might Not Know About Edmund Hillary

WALT write an information report on a significant person NZ
I was writing an information report on the great Edmund Hillary. I wrote about him because I reckon when someone else comes along and tries to climb mount Everest, they might not accomplish that so for anyone who wants to climb mount Everest please be careful! 

Monday, 4 September 2017

The Atlas

D.2=Cook Straight
A.2=Doubtless bay

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Sun, Wind Or Rain

Back in the day we didn't have any technology to tell us the weather, we had to tell the weather by looking close at the sky to see what the weather will be.Someone told me two thing to tell the weather without technology 1.that when it rains at night it is going to be a beautiful day tomorrow 2.when the sky is red at sunset and you wake up in  the morning it's going to be a beautiful day. So sometimes you don't need technology for anything.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

My Favourite Christmas Present Ever

My favourite memory was during Christmas. I woke up on Christmas day and I was so excited. I went to go to open one of my presents but my parents said no. I had to go wake up my sister so that we could open our presents together. When I woke her up we ran into the lounge and went straight towards the presents. I was looking for one of my presents and then my sister found it but it was a small box.

 I was thinking that it would be something small and a bit like junk but then I opened it up and it was an iPod. I was so surprised that I didn't even want to open any of my other presents. I had to though so I continued. I was rushing to open my presents so that I could finish and play on my iPod. When I opened all of my presents I went straight to my dad so that he could do all of the setting up on my brand new iPod. Suddenly I stopped and thought to myself, what games would I want on my new iPod?

 I said Transformers, Angry Birds, the normal Angry Birds, 4 Pics One Word and Clash of Clans. I told my dad all of the games that I wanted and when he finished loading it all I wanted to play with it right away. Then he turned off my iPod and gave it to me. When I turned it on I forgot about my password but then my dad told me it was ****. I can't tell you. After that I went to my sister and we were playing 4 Pics One Word.

We played on it until the battery went down to 20%. So I told my sister that I needed to charge it. When the battery went to 100% I went to my sister to play again but she was sleeping. So I went on it and played Clash of Clans and Angry Birds and Transformers. After that I told my dad that I going to download some other games but he said no and I got angry so I put it on charge and went to sleep. That was my favourite memory.