Wednesday, 9 August 2017

My Favourite Christmas Present Ever

My favourite memory was during Christmas. I woke up on Christmas day and I was so excited. I went to go to open one of my presents but my parents said no. I had to go wake up my sister so that we could open our presents together. When I woke her up we ran into the lounge and went straight towards the presents. I was looking for one of my presents and then my sister found it but it was a small box.

 I was thinking that it would be something small and a bit like junk but then I opened it up and it was an iPod. I was so surprised that I didn't even want to open any of my other presents. I had to though so I continued. I was rushing to open my presents so that I could finish and play on my iPod. When I opened all of my presents I went straight to my dad so that he could do all of the setting up on my brand new iPod. Suddenly I stopped and thought to myself, what games would I want on my new iPod?

 I said Transformers, Angry Birds, the normal Angry Birds, 4 Pics One Word and Clash of Clans. I told my dad all of the games that I wanted and when he finished loading it all I wanted to play with it right away. Then he turned off my iPod and gave it to me. When I turned it on I forgot about my password but then my dad told me it was ****. I can't tell you. After that I went to my sister and we were playing 4 Pics One Word.

We played on it until the battery went down to 20%. So I told my sister that I needed to charge it. When the battery went to 100% I went to my sister to play again but she was sleeping. So I went on it and played Clash of Clans and Angry Birds and Transformers. After that I told my dad that I going to download some other games but he said no and I got angry so I put it on charge and went to sleep. That was my favourite memory.


Malia said...

What other games did you download tristan?

Brazie said...

Where they fun games?

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