Wednesday, 3 August 2016

My Money Making Book

The Money Making book
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The money making book is the most amazing book in the world and it’s only made in New Zealand. It’s called the money making book because there’s a special page. If you flip to the page it gives you money BUT you need to use it wisely. You're only given three chances to flip onto the special page and on the fourth chance it will turn into a regular book.
You’ll have to wait three days to get it. Only $58.00.You need to get and I bet you will!!!Call 0800 MONEY MAKER
I learned how to use persuasive language to write an advertisement about buying a fictional book. I learned if you want to convince someone to buy your product you need to be smart, funny and wise with your words.

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Akesa Misela said...

Awesome read. You definitely sold it to me. It's always good to see what you have learned from your writing. Well done!

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