Thursday, 8 June 2017

St Kents Sport!

This is our day at st kents. At st kents we played two games with two groups of st kents people.First I played master and I got my first shot against a st kent guy.then he asked if I played a little bit of basketball and I said" yes" so he said" you're pretty good for a ten year old and I said" thanks". After that we went to another place(but we were still with the same group)and played a game of capture the flag and I got to the flag tree times and only got taged with it once. I never got a goal with the flag but I passed it to my teammate Miana and she got two goals out of it.After that me and my group went to another group of st kents and we played bang with them and then we played a game were we had to tangle our arms and try to untangle them. At the end we sang happy birthday to one of our friends.

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